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The Two Sides of Play

Posted: June 16, 2010 in Art, Games

I’m sure others have said it better and said it more often but it seems to me that there are fundamentally only two sides to something, the light side and the dark side.  Derived from the day and the night, the eternal cycle gives us one of the largest fundamental dichotomies of our existence.  While there are nuances, structures and sophisticated forms, the fundamental idea of light and dark permeate so much of our art, story telling and play.  While obvious and fundamental to us all, it has been a bit of a journey of mine to explore this idea over last few weeks.



Light writing

Posted: March 2, 2009 in Art

Finally, after much time avoiding it, I went outside and took a few photos.  Here’s a few.


Ok, since I received some questions about the universal declaration of human rights video, I’d thought I’d show some origin stories (origins of the you-tube typography). I don’t actually know where the first one was. Maybe I’ll seek it out one day or someone will tell me. But for all of these clips, PARENTAL GUIDANCE is suggested. There’s cartoon depiction of violence, strong course language and some suggestive themes.

Above: Because that was the first one I’d seen.


Artwork – Illustration

Posted: December 13, 2008 in Art
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I’ve been flirting with making art for way too long, it’s time to go for a date. I’ve taken design courses, illustration courses, drawing courses, even some fashion courses (which were awesome by the way). I’ve worked with artists for a long time and have huge respect for artistic talent, even when it comes primarily to craft. Being able to express yourself visually is a gift. It would make my life much easier if I could easily express what I’m thinking, and I have a need to. I found this site: a while back. We’ve since hired one of the artists I found on the site. There’s a lot of great stuff, and there’s a lot of really bad stuff but mostly, it’s just normal people trying to express themselves, which I find really inspiring.