About Ryan Cleven

That’s me.  I make games.  I hope to do other things eventually, but making game is an all-consuming passion for me.  I like running too.

I made my first video game when I was 9 years old. I had aspirations as a teenager to start my own games company during the 90’s. I didn’t.  I switched to making pretty graphics. I trained in 3D and went to school at SFU for computer science & math.  Instead of going right into games, I decided to work on film and TV at Mainframe and built 3D software at Softimage.

I did a brief stint at Radical but ended up  at Electronic Arts. After 6 years as a graphics guy, and working on SSXs, NBA Streets, I switched to being a producer/designer on a Need For Speed, and some new IP’s.  In 2008, BigPark, a start-up in Vancouver brought me on as Game Director for their first console game ‘Joy Ride’.  In July 2009 we were acquired by Microsoft and became part of the Microsoft Games Studios.  As a Game Director at Microsoft I get to work with many amazing people, showing a ton of passion for games and making me feel terrible for every time I bashed Microsoft growing up.

I’ve really taken to game design and hope  one day to be good at it.  Any kind of game, board games, console games, computer games interests me.  I enjoy designing and playing almost anything.  On this blog, I’ll be posting thoughts and designs as I explore this path less traveled by (me).

friendly e-mail welcome – rcleven@mac.com

I twitter on @onehundredfeet.

  1. Tim says:

    So, I found myself thinking today that, like you, I’ve just spent the last 20 years chasing what amounts to a childhood fantasy. Starting at about 8 or 9 on the C64, I made my first game, as you know. I geeked it up all through adolescence, landed a job making games professionally more or less the moment it was no longer a violation of child labor laws, and am now looking up very near the statistical half-way mark.

    Obvious background, I know. But what I found myself thinking, and wishing I could ask you about over my mexican breakfast this morning is this:

    “Is it healthy or sane that we’re both still persuing [literally] childish and adolescent fantasies?”

    Now obviously, recent circumstances have managed to somewhat embitter me towards game development as a profession and career, so forgive me if this question can’t help but have the faint whiff of bile about it. But I think it is one worth asking. To wit: How long is it appropriate to keep myopically chasing the fantasies of childhood?


  2. Ludovic says:

    Answer: until it comes true?

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