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After attending today’s game design meetup, I felt inspired to post about the subject.  The topic was ‘Mini-games’ where a fellow designer Graham Jans put together a framework for understanding Mini-games.  I loved the thinking but I felt that talking just about mini-games was limiting.  I felt that when mini-games are done well, they blend into the background but when done poorly, they come into focus as an obvious mini-game.  What jumped out at me was the examples of mini-games that were successful were thought of as part of the larger game experience.  So if you consider the mini-games as part of the whole, and you then consider the meta-games are part of the whole, you are just left with transitions of modality within the larger game context.  From this vantage point, all of a sudden I felt that all modal mechanics began be candidates for these transitions and it’s more the nature of the transitions that are as important as the modalities themselves.  If I haven’t stopped reading yet, feel free to continue the theoretical romp in the full post.