Twilight Imperium – Dawn of Thrones Mod

Posted: March 27, 2010 in Game Design, Games
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Warning: Has nothing to do with Vampires, or even vampires.

Hot off the press!  I’ve published my mod for Twilight Imperium, the board game.  This was intended to change the game to suite the playstyle of my group of game friends.  I’ve tried to reduce the amount of interpersonal politics and make the races more ‘role-playey’.  The high level idea is to put a three act structure in with victory conditions unique to each race.

This will require a lot of playt-esting and tuning, but the bulk of it is done.  I have made counters and cards for the game that I will be uploading.

Warning – It’s a very dry read.  Read only if you’re interested in board game rules design or need to fall asleep at your desk.

Click Here to read them

or on the pages tab to the right.

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