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The “Rules of Play” by Katie Salen & Eric Zimmerman has been my book of choice this week.  Getting through all six hundred pages by the end of the week may be a lot for me, but it’s been interesting so far.  I’m going to avoid my usual opinion at thirty thousand feet because they made an interesting point in the book which resonated with me.  They discussed actual analysis versus the typical “Movie Review” critiques of video games.  The game review culture has almost completely neutered the critical analysis of video games.



Dominos, the tippy kind

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It seems to me that the version of dominos where you spend the whole afternoon standing these little blocks on end only to watch them topple over at the end of the day is a much overlooked game when trying to study game design. The multiplayer varient of matching dots is more likely to be looked at given the more sophisticated rule set. But dominos, the tippy kind, has a genius simplicity.