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Once upon a time, as a bright eyed and over eager developer, I thought I could make a hit game all on my own.  If I worked hard enough, learned all about every aspect, then I could make the bestest game in the whole world.  When someone wiser than me said “You need a great team to make a great game” I said to myself it was just a catch phrase and they just hadn’t seen how awesome I was.  I can’t even describe how wrong I was.  I mean, if there’s a bright centre of being right in the universe, then I was the thinker it’s furthest from.



Your First Ten Games Are Going To Suck

Posted: February 15, 2009 in Games
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So get them out of the way.  Shigeru Miyamoto said that in “Design Secrets of the Sages” or he did roughly, I’m most likely paraphrasing.  So while I’d love him to be wrong, he’s most likely right.  So what should I do about it?