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While there are few texts on game design considered to be canon, there are many books that I would consider to be helpful to the both aspiring and established game designer.  I intend for this list to be living and to update it as I discover new ones.



Without a doubt, the best thing to happen to Vancouver this year was a foot and a half of snow in December.  It is simply awesome.  We are now part of Canada.  I’m sure it’s happened before but not that I can remember.  But now I want it gone.

Game editors

Posted: January 26, 2009 in Games
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In film and television there is a role largely unrepresented by an analogous one in video games. There are probably many, but I’m going to talk about one specifically, the editor.


Valkyria Chronicals

Posted: January 17, 2009 in Games
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So call me a fan boy, a ps3 lover, a hardcore gamer or a huge nerd but I won’t care because Valkaria Chronicals is awesome no matter what anyone says.