Designing a board game

Posted: December 17, 2008 in Games
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What drives someone to create a board game?  When there’s so many awesome video games out there and so many things you can do with pixels and polygons, why craft a game with a flat piece of cardboard and some boring six sided dice?  Well, I want to.  So what’s driving me?  Board games are the origin of multiplayer gaming.  They hold the dark secrets of what makes an awesome online game.  Risk, monopoly, ticket to ride, setlers of katan, twilight imperium, scrabble would be nothing without the people sitting across the table from you.  As much fun as rockband is (and it’s a lot of fun), it doesn’t have nearly the staying power of some of the previously mentioned board games.  Each of those games has amazing ideas locked away inside the design.  Even dice have a magic about them, and cards a mystique.  

Getting a bunch of people to sit around my kitchen table, laugh and enjoy themselves as they do battle for some resource, or try to forclose on everyone at the table is a very noble goal in my books.  The conflict in video games can be so primal and so visceral it can separate us from the simple joy of enjoying other people’s company while competing or collaborating for goals.  

So, here’s the list of games I’ve currently been looking at:



Twilight Imperium

Starcraf the board game

Descent (and its suplements)



Ticket to Ride (several editions)



hammer of the scotts.  


I may just do a really boring breakdown of each one and try to pull apart all the pieces to take all the fun out of them.  But more likely I’ll post something about ninjas, zombies, robots or space ships that involve rolling dice to blow things up.


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