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So I confess, I do not own a Wii.  I have rarely played a Wii.  In fact, I hope to rarely play a Wii, but I can not help but love them (it). 



Designing a board game

Posted: December 17, 2008 in Games
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What drives someone to create a board game?  When there’s so many awesome video games out there and so many things you can do with pixels and polygons, why craft a game with a flat piece of cardboard and some boring six sided dice?  Well, I want to.  So what’s driving me?  Board games are the origin of multiplayer gaming.  They hold the dark secrets of what makes an awesome online game.  Risk, monopoly, ticket to ride, setlers of katan, twilight imperium, scrabble would be nothing without the people sitting across the table from you.  As much fun as rockband is (and it’s a lot of fun), it doesn’t have nearly the staying power of some of the previously mentioned board games.  Each of those games has amazing ideas locked away inside the design.  Even dice have a magic about them, and cards a mystique.  


Ok, since I received some questions about the universal declaration of human rights video, I’d thought I’d show some origin stories (origins of the you-tube typography). I don’t actually know where the first one was. Maybe I’ll seek it out one day or someone will tell me. But for all of these clips, PARENTAL GUIDANCE is suggested. There’s cartoon depiction of violence, strong course language and some suggestive themes.

Above: Because that was the first one I’d seen.


My original title for this post was ‘Experience versus Mechanics’ but that was too mechanical. So to run with the metaphor, Ninja’s were people. They had lives, desires and emotions like you or I. Most robots, don’t. Most Robots can do the job of Ninjas but it won’t mean anything to them. Ninja’s are awesome because they can do all sorts of sneaking, killing and martial arts. Robots are cool because they don’t die while performing any given task we give them. They don’t die because they aren’t human.


Artwork – Illustration

Posted: December 13, 2008 in Art
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I’ve been flirting with making art for way too long, it’s time to go for a date. I’ve taken design courses, illustration courses, drawing courses, even some fashion courses (which were awesome by the way). I’ve worked with artists for a long time and have huge respect for artistic talent, even when it comes primarily to craft. Being able to express yourself visually is a gift. It would make my life much easier if I could easily express what I’m thinking, and I have a need to. I found this site: a while back. We’ve since hired one of the artists I found on the site. There’s a lot of great stuff, and there’s a lot of really bad stuff but mostly, it’s just normal people trying to express themselves, which I find really inspiring.


A game director that I once studied told me that he really no longer looks at many large blockbuster titles but rather trolls small flash games for interesting ideas. He showed me a few and I’d like to share them:

This one is interesting. What I took from this was how to have the simplest interaction with what makes something ‘fun’ at its core. Try it, see what you think.